The secrets to success is right there before us – and we have those who charged on before us and braved the worst to thank. The people who we look up to, the successful people who have achieved much more in life are not there because of luck, they got there due to their ability to persevere through the thick, the thin and the ugly, unflinching, not giving up. They have built their own empire and you can do so too. Here are some (not so) secrets that all these successful people have in common.

  1. You yourself have the answers

Always engage in a conversation with yourself. Who are you? What are you doing? Why areyou doing what you are doing? What’s the story of your brand? Where do you want to go? Look inwards. Nobody cares if your brand survives, but you are in business because they care about what you do. they need your vision to succeed.

  1. Small groups are better than large groups

For starters, small groups are much easier to work with. Smaller groups allow the people to exchange ideas, offer multiple skillsets and viewpoints, thereby enriching the standpoint of the organization as a whole. It also paves the way to better understanding between team members allowing them to work more harmoniously together.

  1. Be transparent

A good example for this would be the Everlane clothing company. Disclosing the manufacturers to their customers is done by many clothing companies by Everlane goes one step further by  disclosing prices it paid for the duties, labor, components, transportation and also the real cost of the item for sale.

By being transparent, a company enhances its credibility with its customers as well as its manufacturers thereby paving the way to great relationships that help a business immensely in the long run.