Beginning as a platform to connect individuals with one another, social media has become an all powerful tool in the world today. It has become so powerful that the major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram have become integral parts of any brand’s marketing strategy.

On the surface, social media is a light hearted fun tool but when it comes to using it for branding purposes, one has to have the right resources at hand in order to accomplish properly. We are here to give you some useful tools you can integrate to maximize your ROI on social media.

  1. Mention

Social media is largely content driven and creating that perfect post capable of high levels of engagement is the biggest challenge out there today. One needs to have a good listen to what people are talking about and then join in the conversation strategically with relevant content that is sure to increase your visibility on these platforms.

This is where Mention comes in. It is a great monitoring tool that will allow you to tack all aspects of your business effectively. The insight that is enabled through Mention is timely and all-encompassing that you can use this insight to craft useful and relevant content that will bring in the audience.

  1. Social juke box

Jukebox allows you to create content at your convenience and let the automated system handle the dispersing of the posts in a timely and accurate manner at the most optimal times. This takes the pressure of posting right off you so that you can in turn concentrate on other aspects of your business.

  1. Canva

In social media, information moves at lightning speed. It is in such an environment that one as a brand must capture the audience’s attention and when capturing attention, the visuals of a message plays a large role.

But entrepreneurs are not graphic designers and here is where Canva can help. With an amazingly user-friendly interface and compelling templates, Canva allows you to create beautiful images, presentations and other visual materials without the fuss.