A great business idea is like a fleeting butterfly – here one minute and grabbed by another the next. Everybody is after it. Because behind every successful business is a business idea that revolutionized the industry, everybody is keen to possess one. Anyone who ever tried knows that these ideas don’t come by every day. And every entrepreneur who ever lived had wondered what it takes for such inspiration to occur.

Will the magic come to them too? If so, how can they accelerate it? There are a few ways in which that brilliant light bulb moment can be prompted.

Face your demons

Face your demons

What scares you the most? Once you have figured that out, go into the deep end and explore your fears. What can be done to improve an already successful product? What if you launched it? What will you do if your most performing product failed? Do you have a backup plan, a plan B? These are questions that must be thought about rather than avoiding them altogether.

Sure, it is a great risk and you may even be scared to even think about these possibilities, but it is important you have a plan for every unexpected scenario, even if it is highly unlikely to happen. As an entrepreneur, you need to face your fears. And within these fears may be the key to that great big revolutionary idea that you have been dreaming about.

So next time, don’t run away. Don’t let fear keep you from exploring new ideas. Remember new paths which look scary at the beginning may prove to be strewn with gold in the end.


 What’s bugging youWhat’s bugging you?

Every great product or service answers to the burning need of the society at hand. It answers to a question or a requirement. And don’t forget for a moment that you too, belong to this society, that you too are indeed a potential customer. So what is bothering YOU at this moment? Is there a solution for that already? If no, then get right on it. If yes, is that solution working for you? If the answer is no, then look for a better solution! You are already on the path to your revolutionary idea!

Exercise that ideaExercise that idea

It does not do that you simply have a great idea. If you don’t do anything about it, somebody will and that somebody will make a rather hefty profit out of it too. So stop waiting around. Identify the strengths and the weak spots, analyze the tricky parts to avoid the risk. With trial and error, the idea can be built up integrating it into your current system. And by doing it only will you realize whether that idea works or not and if it does not, what could work better.

Be a doer

Ideas and plenty but drive is a little hard to come by. Sometimes, having a great business idea is not enough. It takes an individual’s willingness to try and retry the idea, fixing it, fine tuning it and perfecting it and turn the idea to reality. And not many are willing to try that.

Give wings to your subconscious mind

While your mind is continuing with its day to day work, your subconscious mind often goes eureka and you have an idea worthy of its own company. This has known to happen many times. However, not many people are attuned to their subconscious minds and this will rob them of a great many ideas that could have revolutionized your business. So pay attention. Do not ignore that small nagging voice when it wants to be heard.


Do the weird

Do the weird

Similar to going out on a holiday, veer yourself away from your usual preferences and try something different. Take an aimless walk somewhere strange, somewhere you’ve been a little too intimidated to venture in before. Watch and listen to things that are normally branded as “weird” or unusual. Tear yourself away from corporate minded entrepreneurs and go and talk to “weird” people – they tend to have the best and the most wonderful minds you will ever come across!(image courtesy: incedogroup, hotnius, 123rf, pixibay.)