The world is increasingly cost-aware and one notices a number of brands going low-budget to accommodate the needs of the cost-conscious market. Luxury hotels are no different as we find them increasingly becoming aware of the need to adjust. Hilton will be launching Tru later this year and this is exactly the kind of thinking that is behind this new hotel. In addition to that, Hyatt House in Denver offers its guests local art and craft beer. Below are some examples of how the big hotels are rolling with the flow. Below is a comparison of how Hilton has really stripped down to cater to the crowd.




Strip down to the bare basics. Box frame bed equipped with a white duvet, four pillows and a bed skirt. Dresser that doubles as a TV stand, traditional desk and coffee maker.



The lobbyits-all-about-the-budget-how-big-hotels-are-stripping-down-to-go-cost-efficient3

Front desk, comfortable sitting area and 24 hour convenience store that sells drinks and snacks.



Complimentary and power breakfast. Scrambled and boiled eggs, waffles, turkey sausage and bacon. Simple but more than sufficient.



Traditional and quite boring. But comfortable and sufficient to get the work done.


Fitness centersits-all-about-the-budget-how-big-hotels-are-stripping-down-to-go-cost-efficient6

Few machines to break you into a descent sweat, just enough to satiate a fitness freak on vacation. Equipped with a pool.




Platform beds without the box frame, white duvet but only three pillows. No desks which usually go unused by travelers and no dressers. There is an open closet with hooks and hangers to hang your clothes in.



Bigger space with designated laptop-friendly areas for working, hammock chairs for lounging, foosball and Ping-Pong tables, wine in disposable wine glasses and for eating.



Complementary. Adorable in its customizable nature, breakfast offers the very basics such as cereals, Greek yogurt and bagels plus a 30 item topping option such as various cheeses, jams and sprinkles.


Working spacesits-all-about-the-budget-how-big-hotels-are-stripping-down-to-go-cost-efficient11

The lounge makes way to semi-soundproof cubes.


Fitness centersits-all-about-the-budget-how-big-hotels-are-stripping-down-to-go-cost-efficient12

No pool and pretty basic. But there will be more natural light and more room for stretching and yoga activities. Travelers on vacation are not looking for an intense workout, just enough to get the blood pumping.