Picture an entrepreneur. You would imagine a bustling and bubbly character who is talkative and outgoing. Now picture an introvert – the quiet, reserved type of person who’d rather read a book than socialize, who is drained by social interactions. The blaring difference between the two types is just too hard to believe.

So where does an introvert fit in the business world? well basically anywhere!

Introverts by nature are more of listeners than talkers. They are more productive thinkers and therefore tend to bring more fresh ideas into a business. Contrary to popular belief that introverts are naturally shy, timid and socially awkward, introverts make the best of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

However, when considering a business idea for introverts, there are some business ideas that are more suited for introverts than others. Are you an introvert? Then below are some options for you to choose from.

  1. Tech related services

Focus , patience, meticulousness and the detail-oriented nature of introverts fit well with a startup that specializes in tech related services. With the rise of the digital and technological businesses, there is an increasing demand for this specific industry. This could include anything from designing to coding. The visual and highly creative introverts have proven to be excellent for graphic designing while the detail oriented, highly meticulous individuals are capable of grasping skills like coding fairly quickly. The other advantage is that the startup costs are minimal. All you need is a functioning computer and several software such as InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. For a coder, he or she may need  fluency in CSS,HTML and JavaScript. Front end coders are required a knowledge on ReactJC and AngularJS while if you are focusing on the backend, fluency  in Scala, Java and Python may be needed. Don’t be scared off from the technical jargon. Most of these businesses are self taught and if anything, introverts cherish self taught skills that enable them to learn by themselves without having to interact with anyone.

  1. Online retail consigner

Tools needed –  Computer and digital camera. People skills needed – none. Really, it is that easy.

Do you have a passion for fashion? Or you just need to get rid of those unused clothes and accessories in your closet? Don’t throw them in the bin. Just sell them online! All you need to do is set up a shop space online, take creative photos of your items and post them up with vivid and attractive descriptions. Back it up with great customer service and you’ve got yourself a winner. You can even start your business through a social media page. And once you are established, you can work on getting your own online shop space with its own payment gateways. People will come to you with their products and eventually, you’d be an online retail consigner without even trying that hard!

  1. Writing services

Most of the great writers that the world has ever seen have been introverts and there is a reason for that. Writing helps individuals to express themselves without physically being present. One does not require a formal education in the craft to become a copywriter. However, in order to create a name for oneself, a copywriter is required to network and market oneself. This of course can be easily achieved via social media and the web. Keeping an updated writer profile online would help a great deal as well as registering yourself on a few freelance services networking sites. Once discovered do a good job of your assignments and see the work flow in as your reputation spreads through word of mouth!

  1. Social media consultant

Introverts LOVE social media. This is because social media, just like writing, allow them to express their forever wandering thoughts to a wide audience without being physically present. Combined with the business world’s increased interest in the digital marketing techniques in marketing their products to their audience and the lack of knowledge of most in the ever evolving social media world and their algorhythms, becoming a social media consultant is not only a highly lucrative field, it is also a field that presents them a chance to engage in what they like.

Introverts can be entrepreneurs too!