You may have that unquenchable thirst for heading out on your own entrepreneurship journey, but in doing so, something that you must take into heart is that while life may be hard, life as an entrepreneur is several times harder. There are the business lessons that you eventually learn and then there will be the business lessons that you have to learn the hard way. Either way these are lessons that you have to learn in order to succeed at what you do.

But the most important things is – it’s all up to you whether or not you are going to make it.

  1. Fall down, get back up. Rinse and repeat

There is a saying that success is 90% failure. All the successful business moguls out there are where they are today now because they tried and tried and never gave up. Remember, every mistake that you make, every failure that happens is an opportunity to learn, to hone your skills better and get back up on your feet stronger the next time. So stop worrying about failure and start focusing on the results. Every time you fail, use that experience to make your next attempt even better. If you haven’t fallen, that means you haven’t walked.


  1. Learn the art of selling

Sell everything. In business selling is what gets you ahead. Whether it be to your customers, your employees, your investors, even to yourself, the selling must be on point and therefore effective. In order to be the best at selling, you need to be standing in the shoes of the person whom you are selling to. So shake off those entrepreneur shoes and squeeze into the consumer shoes. See what you want and then work towards giving it.


How to succeed – Tips and tidbits

  1. Get help from people

Hire people. There is a sea of talent out there and they are not that expensive either. Fresh ideas, a fresh perspective to a business are like water to a fish. Whether it be full-timers or freelancers doesn’t matter. Hire expertise for areas that need it. Build a great team who are as enthusiastic about your ideas as you are – develop them, nourish them. You will thank yourself for it afterwards.


  1. Develop something that solves an actual burning problem

This point has been stressed so many times but it simply cannot be stressed enough. The secret to a sustainable business is to build something that solves a problem that the society is facing each day. A look at the most successful businesses in the world today would assure you that they responded to real needs and have created real opportunities with value. Innovation is the key to providing creative solutions and then sustaining that interest of the customers through constant value adding.


  1. Push those boundaries

Surprisingly, the most successful businesses in the world have been known for breaking the rules, not following them. Unconventional thinking or “thinking out of the box” gets you a long way and thus taking a road less travelled will help you stand out from the rest in a traditional industry.

But do bear in mind that unconventional thinking WILL create some disorder and chaos. It will upset the set norms but it will lead the way to innovation. Therefore, it would do good to be prepared for the change that will follow and embrace that change.


  1. Listen to those around you

Being an entrepreneur involves a certain amount of ego – but don’t let that ego blind you. Listen to all those around you – and that includes friends and family, your employee and especially, your customers. Always remember, the target market you are catering to is comprised of people of different preferences and different mindsets – which may be represented by your entourage. And most importantly, always listen to your customers. They are your end market and every little thing they can tell you counts.