If someone asks you what your ultimate business goal is, you are most likely to answer – to be successful. But how would you measure your success? Bear in mind that success isn’t always measured by your income. Just because you are not getting the kind of income that you envisaged, it does not mean that you are not successful. Success can be defined in many ways and in the case of startups, it may even be difficult to spot. But in order for you to be motivated enough to continue, you must be aware of those little telltale signs of success leading you on.

  1. Haters and competitors

It is a fact that once you start becoming noticeable, you are more subjected to contempt and competition. Your competitors will start getting irritated by your presence and even get offended by your actions. So don’t get discouraged by all that hate mail and all that competition. The fact that your competitors are riled up with you means that they are threatened by your presence. That means you must be doing something right.

  1. Your income doesn’t control you

You are not perturbed by what you earn. Okay, maybe a little, but you do not let that control you. Instead of worrying about not having enough income, you will be striving constantly to improve yourself and your business, conjuring up more ways and means to build. You understand that income isn’t everything.

  1. An excess of offers

More successful you become, the more noticeable you become in the industry. The more noticeable you become, the more offers you get. Simple as that. Offers of investment, offers of partnerships, offers of advisory board positions all prove that people have become to see and acknowledge you as a dependable authority in your field and they will all be willing to seek the help of someone who can help their success in return.

  1. You are not looking for praise

It is normal to seek out acceptance and approval when you are starting out. This was true to us when we were younger but we eventually grow out of that. It is the same with entrepreneurs. Once you are starting out it is normal to have doubts and it is good to get the advice that you need every once in a while. But if you are waiting around for a pat on your back every time you achieve something, chances are that you are stalling your success. Charge on forward without waiting for praise. Getting the advice you need is a different scenario, but praise is something you should not hold your momentum for.


  1. You have plans

You cannot go charging in like a bull in a china shop and expect to succeed at business. A successful business is based on properly planned structure. A long term, well thought of plan shows you what you must achieve to get to a specific goal and what you must prepare yourself for in the long run. Analyzing each business situation, researching data all lends you an understanding of your situation and the industry in general and what you must do in order to get what you want.

  1. You sell

You remember – every second of the day you remember to sell yourself, your product the business. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that just because you have built a wonderful product, it is going to sell by itself. You know that a business is all about the selling and if you are not selling your product, nobody else will get to know about it. You are aware that you need to actively ask people to buy your product, you need to tell them why they should buy it and why they would not be able to live without it. You are a shameless self-promoter and you know that there’s no other way of getting around it.

  1. Customer is king

You treat your customers with respect and you are attentive to their needs. You understand the value they bring to your business and you listen to them when they have something to say. And not only do you listen to them, you take them into account and implement what is relevant to improve your product.

How successful are you