Everybody wants to become an entrepreneur but becoming an entrepreneur is easier said than done. While some have made their fortune, many others have strayed and wandered, as it is a perilous road that waits up ahead. Many hardships are strewn at the feet of those who wander down that path and it takes a special kind of mettle to bear everything that life throws at them. It also takes a special kind of make. Do you have entrepreneur genes in you?

  1. “No” is not an answer

Having said that, one must understand that there is a difference between being obnoxiously persistent and constructively persistent. When you get told “no” but you plough on ahead anyway with a deaf ear towards helpful feedback, you are a grand dreamer and not suitable for the entrepreneurial life. However, if you get told “no” but you take the time to listen, learn and proceed ahead as per the learnings, then you have the true entrepreneurial spirit in you.

  1. You want to get your hands dirty

Many entrepreneurs have fallen out of school, college and other educational establishments because they did not cater to their cravings of practical knowledge. Entrepreneurs like to be hands on everything and it is here that they make themselves unique from everyone else.

  1. You are possessive about your work

Those with an entrepreneurial drive like to “own” their work and this is why they do not thrive well in corporate environments. This may be due to the fact that not enough creative freedom is given to them as well as the fact that there are many red tapes that they have to adhere to when doing something. And entrepreneurs as we know, like to break boxes and color outside the lines.

  1. Impatience gets you to places

It has been identified that those with an entreprenurail spirit just cannot sit still. With low attention spans, such people grow up to develop what is known as  “patiently impatient.” While they do not slow down, they are also patient enough to wait for the right moment to pull the necessary triggers. This comes in very handy in the life of an entrepreneur.