What is hot in the world today? Saving is – whether it be money, energy or other resources saving is big and sustainable ventures even more so. The Green Revolution has already hit the world and continues churning down the path, seeping into almost everything in our day to day lives. Seeking business opportunities within this Green Revolution is not only lucrative, but it is sustainable as well. Not to mention the positive publicity that comes along with it.

There are so many ideas that you can embark on and the world just keeps throwing more and more. Green is hot and this is why you should get right on it. Here are some green business ideas for you to ponder over while you think about your next big venture.

Green cleaning

All those ammoniac cleaning material that leaves its stench long after you are done with it and the inappropriate waste management systems – cleaning services are known to be some of the most non-green ventures out there. Why not consider an environmental friendly cleaning service? With all natural cleaners free of any polluting substances, you could embark on responsible waste management and recycling services that would most definitely have a high demand.

Solar Laundromat

This is a win-win situation for all. The environment is saved, your cost is next to nothing while gaining an almost clean profit and the clothes too get washed! Add to this an appropriate way of discarding the waste water and you have yourself one lucrative venture.

Ecotourism and sustainable travel

Similar to a regular travel planner, your role in this would be helping your customers plan an ecofriendly trip and introduce them to ecotourism destinations, hotels, resorts and attractions. This may also include alternative transportation systems that leave less of a carbon footprint – you could look at backpacking trips or bike touring, the kind of transportation that is entirely human-powered. The aim is to encourage and appeal to the growing ecotourism trends in the world and introduce eager learners to new means of engaging with what they love best.


Just like regular taxis, Pedicabs can be used to travel within the city within short distances. The only difference is that instead of an engine pulling the cab, the cab will be pulled by a bicycle being ridden by a human being. A low cost mode of transport, this method is already popular in areas like New York City and Seattle but the market is still wide open. While being ecofriendly, this is a low cost entrepreneurial venture that you can readily launch into.

Healthy fast food

The society is in a constant state of rush and while the Green Revolution is raging on, people don’t have the time to sit down to a green, organic meal anymore. This is where healthy fast food come in. Healthy garden burgers, baked sweet potato fries, free range, humanely raised meat are some of the dishes that can be served fast and healthy and of course, you can let your imagination run wild and come up with some inventive, healthy options.

Used books vending machine

Have a casual look around you when you next take public transport – while you may see people with their eyes glued on to their tabs and smartphones, you may also see a few people tucked into a corner with their eyes greedily devouring books as well. So you see, despite the introduction of so many high-tech devices, books aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Most people when travelling tend to purchase a book from the nearest magazine stand, often for exorbitant prices, out of impulse to keep themselves occupied throughout a journey. But with used books vending machines, the customers get to obtain a book for a nominal price. With the option of donating a book as well once the reader is done with it, this also saves the books from going into the waste bins after use.  Dana Clarke, owner of Green Reads is the first to realize this need and introduce a no-electricity machine that stores and dispenses books of all sizes and ranges. There certainly is a market in this gap. So with a little bit of imagination, you could do it too.

Consignment stores

Consignment stores take used goods from one and sell them to another. The used goods can be purchased at very low nominal prices and after proper cleaning, mending and repairing, these goods can be sold with a very high profit margin. You basically act as a middleman and it practically costs you nothing as you do not pay the original owner of the goods until you have sold their items. While you are making profit, you are also breathing a second life to used items which would have otherwise ended in a landfill.

Go Green! – The next big idea