Forming a strong and a lasting partnership is an art that is not easily learned, especially in a business environment. While some partnerships thrive overtime, others collapse, taking down the business along with it on most instances. The reasons for the failure of partnerships may vary, but only one thing can make a lasting chemistry between partnerships – and that is Commitment.


There should be no half-hearted partnerships. If you are willing to partner up, you must do so with all your heart and conscience. Whether it be monetary commitment, emotional and psychological commitment or time commitment, each partner must give willingly with a firm belief in the cause.

The commitment towards each other in business partners will prompt them to point out when the other is wrong, when the other’s actions are harmful for the partnership, purely out of a need for preserving that bond. Constructive criticism is a positive sign of growing chemistry between business partners which express a desire to grow together which in turn contributes to the growth of the business.

All partners must have a commitment to the cause they are working towards. Partners must commit to the same purpose, the same vision and must share the same goals for the business. This leads to better understanding between the partners and this in turn would create better chemistry among the partners, leaving no room for conflict.

It is no secret what good chemistry among business partners would do for a business.


That being said, if the partners are not equally committed, it is a recipe for disaster. Therefore when choosing potential business partners, it is imperative to look for those who are likely to be equally committed to your business. It is easy to get caught up in the initial throes of excitement at the start of a business, but would your partner be as committed to the cause a few years down the line when you’ve established yourself? Will your venture excite him or her the same way as it did at the initial stages? Long term commitment is crucial. It is important that the partners see eye to eye on this aspect when commencing a venture that they are both passionate about.


A committed partnership exuberates positive energy which reflects itself in the business itself, making it standout and succeed in the face of adversity. Commitment – the key to any successful business partnership and in turn, a thriving business.