Business blogging is an art that not many can master. It takes dedication, a thorough knowledge of the industry and hours of work which do not come easy. However, even with all that hard work, some business blogs fail miserably while others boom and flourish since inception itself. So what is the secret? The secrets of course, are many.


Consistent posting – Whether you post once a week or once a month, the important thing is to be consistent in your posting. This gives your readers something to look forward to and the assurance of a blog post that occurs on a regular schedule will ensure that your posts will be read as well.

Relevant & useful information – Give something for your readers to visit over and over again. Relevant and useful information tends to attract more visitors to your blog as well as create a loyal readership. Add some value to your blog, something that enlightens and educates – that is something that will have the crowds raving.



Be informed – Simply put, become an industry expert. In order for your content to be read-worthy, you need to establish yourself as an industry expert that people look to for advice and guidance. Collect valuable information. Staying on top of your readers by always being informed of industry happenings will surely play to your advantage and keep your readers engaged.


Network, network and network – Network with fellow business bloggers, share their posts, ask them to share yours. Do a guest blog or two – this will drive traffic to your own site. And share your own content with your network as well. Simply building your blog up is not how it works. Network and you shall reap!



Interact – Engage your reader. Invite them to share their opinions, ask them questions, respond to their answers. Acknowledge the comments and opinions of the readers even if they don’t agree with yours. ESPECIALLY if they don’t agree with yours.


Do interviews/webinars – Another way of keeping your audience engaged is interviewing someone important – be it a CEO of a successful company or a famous business personality, interviews can give you quality content for your blog while providing valuable insight that will keep the readers intrigued. Alternatively you can also offer webinars for your reader base which will are sure to attract quality traffic to your site and prompt them to return to your site time and time again.

Know your audience – For any writer, knowing who you are writing for can prove to be a humongous advantage. Get to know your readers. Figure out what they want to read and then cater to their needs. The results will be truly rewarding.

Easy to read content – Business blogs can be full of jargon which the regular reader can easily be repelled by. Always remember that reading on the internet isn’t the same as reading offline. Online, people tend to be lazy readers and require their information succinct and easy to understand. Write short sentences. Use simple but creative language and avoid jargon wherever possible to keep them coming back for more!

Let your personality shine – It is easy to get lost amidst the business talk and get carried away entangled in another’s opinions when you are a business blogger. But do take the opportunity to let your personality show just a little bit in your blog posts. Express an opinion, personalize your views – readers are interested in reading what YOUR opinions are about a certain topic, not the generally accepted view.

Don’t give up – Blogging isn’t an easy feat, business blogging even more so. For the first few months, it feels as if you are writing for yourself alone and that no one else is reading your blog, but please remember, building up an audience of regular readers is an exercise that requires time and patience. Keep yourself focused. Be consistent in your posting. Eventually, you would have gathered the fruits of your hard labour!