Beauty is an industry that is typically marked out as a female domain. The array of beauty products for women in today’s world is extensive but this does not been that the men had been left out of the pageant altogether.


Men’s grooming is trending in the world today and it isn’t only about helping them manage their scrubs either. The growth in the sales of men’s toiletries such as lotions and shampoos has outpaced men’s shaving products by leaps and bounds and are expected to reach 6.5 billion in sales by year 2018.

Dollar Shave Club is one of the parties who are taking advantage of this situation. The growth of the men’s cosmetic market urged its CEO Michael Dubin to have a closer look into the feedback from their subscribers which led them to the discovery that two thirds of them used hair styling products. The launch of their line of hair styling products such as creams, gels and texturizing fiber named “Boogie’s” comes in direct response to these expanding market needs.


With more than 40% of the US men’s grooming sales held by Procter & Gamble with brands such as Old Spice and Gillette which have been around for a long time, Dubin isn’t intimidated. He feels that the people believe that big brands don’t understand them and that they need more guidance in choosing their products. Hence with a personalized product finder, he feels that Dollar Shave Club has the fighting chance against all these big names out there.

When speaking of men’s beauty products, skin doesn’t fall too far behind either.  Product technology advisor to Estee Lauder’s Lab Series for Men  Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank has noted that the company videos on male cosmetic treatments saw an increased number of views between 12 am and 2 am which he attributes to the taboo of men using cosmetic products or beauty treatments. He believes that the solution for addressing this taboo is packing several products into one bottle – and the Lab Series aftershave which also acts as a skin hydrator and an anti-aging product is one good example of this.(image courtesy: Kiehl’s.)